Drive partition - G-DRIVE MOBILE USB 3.0 1TB

Is anyone aware of whether it is possible to create a partition within my G-Drive USB device? I’ve tried using the Mac OSX disk utility service and while I can draw up the partition service, it doesn’t seem to allow me to create a set amount to do so and is therefore pointless.

I wasn’t sure whether they may be a separate application I could use?

Thanks in advance

The partition process is done in Disk Utility. There should be no issues doing so. When in the Disk Utility you should be able to select the physical device then select the partition tab and change the scheme from current to either 2 or 3 partitions. Really it is your choice as you can pick any number of them you want. (This process could be slightly different depending on the version of the Mac OS you are using, as it is changed often by Apple.)

Beyond that it isn’t always recommended to use partitions on a drive. In most cases we suggest keeping it as one solid partition and if you want to organize your data to just use descriptive folders.