Unable to use full G Drive Capacity

my G-Unit is brand new. There is nothing on it. I tried to copy 200GB in files and it tells me I will be over the capacity. How can this be? What might I be doing incorrectly? There is clearly more tthan ample space on the G Drive. Than you in advance. Hopelessly stuck. Dan

The drive comes with 2 partitions in your case. One is about 3GB and is called G-Utilities and holds software to help customers use the drive on Windows.

The other partition is the full drive but it is Mac formatted only so if you are on Windows it won’t be seen without first removing the Mac format and redoing it.

If you don’t care about the utilities that comes with the drive. On Mac system use Diskutil to erase the whole drive. On PC, use Diskpart to clean the drive then use Disk management to partition the drive