Drive not staying connected

Hi All

I purchased my My Book Studio external drive about 6 months ago and when I received it it was formatted for MAC.  I was able to get formatted for PC with the help of customer support.  Since the very beginning I noticed that the drive would show up and over the course of the day it would disconnect on my old Windows XP station.  I am trying to get it to work better on my Windows 7 (x64bit) station but it continues to be erratic.  It causings my system to reboot twice and when Windows  opens it not showing up as a device.  I have to unplug the power and wait a few seconds replug the device and only then will it show up.  I have downloaded the firmware driver which I have tried to load several times with no luck at all.  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



S/N [Deleted]

Hello, it might be a data corruption problem. try running a test with DLG. If the test completes successfully backup all the files that you can and format the my book.