Download question for MyBookLive


I just bought a 2TB MyBookLive and I’ve a question. I have connected MyBookLive to my wireless router.

From my PC, I’ve setup the default download folder for my torrent client (utorrent) to be on the MyBookLive (Z:\Shared Videos). So now I am experiencing unusually slow torrent downloads. The download peaks at about 800K, compared to 1.5MBs before.

Any idea what is causing this? I suppose it’s the way the “files” travel do the MyBookLive, but I’m not sure.


Valentin Ivanov

Yeah… you don’t want to do that…

What you want to do is have your torrent client download the files to your local drive, and than move them to the My Book Live after they finish downloading. Torrents download in a rather unique way - they download little parts from all over the file and put them together as they come in… because of this (the way you are currently doing things), every time a piece is downloaded it than has to be transferred over your wireless connection and stored on the NAS - this in turn is VERY taxing on your network.

If you use uTorrent there is an option for it to automaticly move completed downloads to another location.

Thanks a lot. I’ll make sure to do that.