A couple of pre-sales question

Afternoon all - thanks for taking the time to read this!

ive been looking around for a good NAS drive for a little while now and had the MyBook Live recommended to me. I have got a couple of questions though that I’d be grateful to you for answering.

  1. Is there anywhere on the site that I can find out more about the software that comes with MyBook?

  2. If I started to download a large file on my laptop, could I set things up so that not only is the file downloaded directly to the MyBook but that the MyBook continues to download the file once my laptop is turned off?

  3. Is it possible to install additional software that would deal with torrents or download management?

Thanks in advance for your help!

1- I don’t think WD has any specific documentation about their OS.

2- I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible, at least to my knowledge. You can do a wget via SSH to download it directly to the NAS.

3- You could install rtorrent on it. I would recommend increasing the swap file size for this. And I wouldn’t have a lot of torrents at the same time, as it wasn’t designed for it (low cpu and ram).