Dolby True HD, Handbrake, and the WDTV SMP

Hi folks. Audio question: When I use Handbrake to convert a bluray to an MKV file and an audio track that is DTS-HD MA exists, I use that track and select DTS-HD Passthru in Handbrake. That always works fine and the file can play great on both my computer and the SMP.

Today I was converting a movie (Transformers) and I saw that the highest quality sound track was a True HD track. So I used that track and I still used DTS-HD Passthru. I didn’t get any sound in the finished file so obviously I did something wrong. Can I use the Dolby True-HD track like I use the DTS-HD MA track and still get it to work? If so, should I use Auto Passthu or some other codec in Handbrake? I guess this is the first time I’ve run into Dolby True HD with the movies that I own.

Thanks … Rob

The SMP plays Dolby-TrueHD but how can you do a DTS passthrough when the audio is Dolby? Why not ask at the Handbrake forum?

Well, as Techflaws stated you wouldn’t use DTS passthrough for TrueHD they are 2 different things.

And as far as I know you can’t passthrough TrueHD in HB.  The only thing I know to do is to demux the TrueHD track out of the track with something like Clown BD, the remux it into the HB encoded mkv using MKVtoolnix.

The last thing I’d want to do is sound like I know all about this stuff but it appears that Dolby True HD IS passed from the SMP. I have a movie I only coded the Dolby True HD soundtrack (Transformers) in using Handbrake. When I play the movie through my SMP to my Onkyo receiver via HDMI, the receiver indicates that it is receiving a Dolby True HD signal. This is different than when I encode my movies with DTS HD MA. When I play those the Onkyo only says it is getting DTS, which I presume is the expected result (core only).

I was mereley pointing out that you can’t be doing a DTS passthrough on a TrueHD track. I guess, what you meant to say was that with both HD audio types you simply do a passthrough in Handbrake, so you keep the highest quality and do not convert audio at all. However, if you receiver recognizes an incoming TrueHD stream, it’s hard to fathom you’re not hearing anything (except for the old Live, that is).

I only did not get sound when I used the wrong pass thru. When I used Auto Passthru I got great True HD sound.