Does OS5 upgrade on PR4100 leave data intact?

Does the OS5 upgrade leave my data intact, or does it wipe the drives?

A very strong suggestion before updating to OS5. Read through the various OS5 subforums to see the various issues quite a few are experiencing/having. Pay particular attention to the OS5 Pro Series subforum for your device (PR4100). Review the various WD Knowledgebase Articles on OS 5 to ensure you won’t loose any OS 3 features/options that you currently use. In some cases there is no replacement in OS 5 of a feature not carried forward from OS3.

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While an update from OS 3 to OS 5 should leave your data intact, one should exercise caution and always backup one’s data before doing a firmware/operating system update.

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The upgrade deletes data used by some applications. It should not delete the data that you coped.

In my case, I lost the WordPress MySQL Database created by thje WordPress App in my PR4500… :frowning:


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