Docker on My Cloud EX2 Ultra (version: 5.20.113)

i want to install Docker on my EX2 Ultra. I have read through many topics about Docker. To my understanding Docker Sopport was available in OS3. Then when OS5 came the Support was dropped and reintroduced at version: 5.06.115. And many threads said that you have to download .bin file and somehow install it. But does install mean through the “install app manual” button in the web ui or with ssh and linux commands. A full guide on how to do that would be awasome. I know a bit about Linux and ssh through Raspberry Pi´s and did already get ssh working on my EX2 Ultra.


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Hi @Spb2005,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I installed Docker my EX2 Ultra from here

Working fine

Consider checking out the below guide that I wrote on how I installed Docker on my EX2 Ultra. It is fairly simple and only requires a bit of background knowledge which it sounds like you likely exceed.


I guess we’re supposed to download the package. Then what do we do? Am I looking in the wrong place for instructions?

Latest version here:

Regarding instructions, you can start to connect to yourNASIP:9001 which should give you access to Portainer.
You can use SSH connection to use Docker CLU
Then look at Portainer and Docker documentation.

Wow. I’m digging through this stuff and… I think I might need a trained sysadmin to unpack what a person would actually have to do. I look forward to a system that regular people (which includes me, since I’ve only been a tech writer and working with UNIX-like systems for thirty-odd years) can use. Though I can understand how it might look obvious to some. A truism among tech writers: One of the hardest things to do is to see how the world looks to someone who doesn’t know something that you do.

Well said, this kind of thing really was built and designed for a sysadmin but it is nice that being primarily opensource, we can enjoy the fruits of their labour, especially with the wide collection of containers that are pre-built.

Are you able to run basically any docker image on the Ex2 Ultra? Have you experienced any published images that won’t run correctly?

I just did the install and I gotta say it’s incredibly simple.

Step 1: take the .bin file, go to the web interface for the ex2 ultra, go to Apps, install an app, agree to terms, select file, upload and install, bam.

Step 2: When you select the installed app in the interface there will be a button “configure”. Click this and it will take you to a web interface where you can install Docker apps.

The easiest way to get started is to select one of the template apps. Fortunately the app I wanted (filebrowser) was available here. Note that I had to duplicate the app container afterward to change the port and some other configuration, but it was a relatively painless process.

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Thanks. I just did this. Quite easy, indeed. I think I may install Jellyfin first (I love Plex, but my internet access is shaky, so I may try to run them in parallel), then see what else might be useful.