Will Docker work on single bay Personal?

Model P/N WDBCTL0020HWT-10, OS 5.22.113.
I’ve seen some Docker threads but it isn’t clear to me if Docker will work on my WD MyCloud Personal.

Only way to know for certain is to try to install it. But because of the low processor/RAM the single bay second gen My Cloud uses, it struggles to even run OS5 so running additional apps or services like Docker may be difficult.


Edit to add: There is also the following from the OS5 firmware release notes about the manual installation of Docker for ARM platforms that was added in the Nov 19, 2020 V5.06.115 firmware release:

Note that it does not list the second gen single bay My Cloud; only indicates EX2 Ultra, EX4100, Mirror (G2), PR2100 and PR4100.

Any input on which bin file would have the highest likelihood of success on my device?
And what is the risk that I could mess up my current MyCloud operation?

Simply put. If you want to run Docker properly, buy a new device or install non WD firmware to the device if any exist. One that supports Docker. The single bay My Cloud doesn’t support most of the apps, including Docker apparently, that the My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 and other OS5 multi bay My Cloud units support. The likely reason is the very limited processor and RAM hardware on the single bay model. Note how none of the docker bin files at Release Docker v20.10.14 for WD My Cloud · WDCommunity/wdpksrc · GitHub are for the single bay My Cloud. Further any OS5 firmware you download and install will be device limited.

Any modification of the OS5 firmware to install unsupported apps runs the risk of rendering the My Cloud unusable. Proceed at your own risk if you try installing apps or firmware onto unsupported single bay My Cloud.

Thanks, that’s enough for me, I’ll leave good enough alone.
I use Kodi with TVHeadend running on a CoreELEC server. My TVHeadend server died and someone suggested I could run TVHeadend in Docker on my NAS. I’ll go back to looking for a replacement box for my TVHeadend server.

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