Do WD Purple internal HDD need cooling when used in external case?

Hello everyone, new here as a proud owner of a WD Purple :slight_smile:
Do WD Purple internal HDD need cooling when used in external case?
Reason is, I bought a PC that only offers one mounting frame and no space to install more than one 3,5 HDD. It could be DIY’ed internally I guess, but for now I am refraining from that.
So I figured, the second best solution in this instance would be: I get a sata to esata slot to add on my PC, install the WD Purple in an external esata case and connect it that way to the PC.
It’s for surveillance, which you may have guess already.
Could there be heat issues or other problems (apart from the fact that it’s not as nice of an install to have it externally).


Hi @HondoB,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

As long as it get no hotter than 65°C it’ll be fine. (link to the product spec sheet below)

If you can buy an External Case made of Aluminium that should be effective enough for passive cooling (additionally, keep it in a place with plenty of ventilation)

If you buy a case is made of Plastic, make sure it has plenty of ventilation for heat to escape.

I have a cheap external enclosure made of plastic with no ventilation holes and the 3.5" HDD inside gets pretty hot. I usually leave the cover off for extended periods of operation. (i should drill some holes in the plastic but haven’t got around to it)

Hello and congratulations on your new WD Purple HDD! Regarding your question, it’s generally recommended to provide some form of cooling for internal hard drives, including WD Purple, even when used in an external case stl results today. Cooling helps maintain optimal operating temperatures and can prolong the lifespan of the drive.

While using an external eSATA case is a viable solution in your situation, it’s important to consider the potential heat buildup in the enclosure. Enclosed spaces can trap heat, especially if there is limited airflow. This may increase the operating temperature of the hard drive and potentially impact its performance and longevity.

Some external HDD cases come with built-in cooling mechanisms, such as fans or aluminum heat sinks, to help dissipate heat. It’s advisable to choose an external case with adequate cooling features, especially if the drive will be under heavy use for surveillance purposes like instagram pro 2.