Do I need Format met drives for use with mac - My Cloud Ex2 ultra

just purchased My Cloud EX2 Ultra Device with no drives and plan on using two drives I already have one that have been in use in another non=networked drive and another new one. DO I need to format the new drive to Mac format or will the EX2 automatically do that?

Suggest you refer to the downloadable user manual for your device.

any drive you insert it to WD ex2 ultra needs to formated and setup the raid mode. How are you planning to use.

if you just want 2 disk storage JBOD is fine. If you dont want full storage but redundance then RAID 1 is best option which will reduce the storage to 50%.

Its upto you decide the same

I believe you are asking SPECIFICALLY ABOUT FORMATTING FOR THE MAC? Maybe someone has the answer.
I’ll check back…