Mismatched or single drives in My Cloud EX2 Ultra

I’m considering buying a My Cloud EX2 Ultra to be a home media server. I just have two simple questions that I think are both yes, but I haven’t used a NAS before and I don’t see clear documentation on it:

  1. Can the Ultra run with a single hard drive inside of it? I already have a 6TB WD My Book and would like to start using it instead of having to buy a second drive immediately
  2. If I have no intention of using it directly as RAID, will it work properly with mismatched drives (such as the 6 TB My Book drive matched with a new 8 TB drive in the other slot)?
  1. Yes it will run with 1 drive in JBOD mode. No you cant use your 6TB drive as the moment you insert it you need to format the drive for even JBOD setup.

  2. Yes JBOD works independly as only RAID need identical drive’s.

Only viable solution i see is get a 8tb Drive and setup as JBOD and have it formated and then from the usb port take back via dashboard which will copy all the data into your new 8tb drive. Then once you verified the data existance. Then insert the mybook HDD.

But you need a empty HDD or HDD than have no needed data for setup of the NAS.

It same for any type RAID supported NAS.