DLNA Datbase shows no media after unpluging mycloud

I unplugged the My Cloud a couple of time and now I cannot see and media tracks, pictures or videos under Settings Media .I have tried to Rescan and Rebuild. I can see all the file in explorer

If you have a large media collection on the My Cloud it may take the Twonky Media Server some time to rescan or rebuild the media database.

It is recommended NOT to just unplug power from the My Cloud, rather to perform a Shutdown through the My Cloud Dashboard, or issue the shutdown command through SSH before unplugging power on the My Cloud. Some of us (myself included) have experienced problems (in my case some media files not streaming properly) when simply pulling the power from the device and not performing a shutdown. Now I perform a shutdown via SSH when not using the My Cloud device for long periods of time and no longer have those problems.

Edit to add: There is some discussion on how to use SSH to issue the shutdown command at the following thread.


Check the media streaming control.
Check the media sharing controls on your media Shares.
If you used the Twonky UI to change the location it searches for media, re-booting will have dropped it back to the default.

Thanks my media collection is around 350GB any ideas roughly how long the database will take to re-build?

not long… I have over 3,5TB and it doesnt even take an hour…

Something is seriously wrong, I have done a rescan and rebuild and nothing, I have backed everything up should I do a system restore?

go to web dashboard and go to “shares” and check if the shares you want to be on DLNA has “Media Serving” enabled… if no turn it on…

If yes then go to http://yourNASip:9000 go to “sharing” and check if you have all the folders you want to be on DLNA in there

If not press “Add New Folder” and just type the name of the folder with “/” in front of it :slight_smile: