Unable to rebuild DLNA library

I am trying to rebuild my dlna media library as when I connect to mycloud from my TV it was saying ‘no content’ (it has been working the past year)

when I rebuild from the mycloud UI, the process for about 15 min but I can only see music and photos file count increasing, videos stay at zero count (they’re are over a thousand on the device)

after 15 mins or so, all counts get reset to 0 and the process stops and when I access from TV I just see a folder named ‘storage’ which is empty

I can add it as an a network drive in windows and see all the files under the standard ‘shared videos’ directory structure.

this iis very frustrating, can anyone help me please

thanks in advance


Did you enable or re-enable your Plex server via the My Cloud Home online interface? Even if you used it in the past, some of the updates that the My Cloud Home has received since then may have changed or disabled Plex and the DLNA function. I noticed that the most recent update did disable my Plex server, only temporarily though, everything came back as it should once I logged onto the My Cloud Home website and clicked the “enable” button in the “Do More” menu.

Also, there is a somewhat specific procedure that you’re supposed to follow when re-installing (and uninstalling) extra functions like this. Check the instructions on WD’s website to make sure you’ve done everything you needed to do to restore functionalities like this. Adding things in Windows is great and all, but the My Cloud Home device probably can’t “see” and recognize the files and folders that it needs to see. Computing devices usually only see the files and folders that they’ve created, such as during an installation or activation process. And the system can only recognize those files and folders if their formats, configurations, and etc, are in accordance with the current updated operating system.

TLDR: if you haven’t used it in a while or if the device updated itself recently, you probably just have to turn a few things inside back on.

This is assuming that you did sign back into your Plex server and told it to rescan the libraries after you re-added your media files to the appropriate folders, and that you didn’t mess with (as in deleted or created a new folder yourself) the “Shared _____” folders that it uses on the My Cloud Home.