DLNA Server "Updating Database"

Hi, I used to be able to view all my videos from my Samsung TV
My WD Cloud not longer displays anything and only shows “No video content on this device” or something similar.
On the actual dashboard, it shows DLNA to ON , but just shows “Updating Database” and then logs out after a minute or 2.
I’ve done a 40 second hard reset and still no joy
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Try turning the Twonky/Media Server off in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Media. Then reboot the My Cloud. Wait for it to fully boot up, then access the My Cloud Dashboard and re-enable the Media Server.

Other things to check. Twonky (the media server) may not properly scan or get hung up on scanning media files who’s file names have special characters.

Access the Twonky Administration interface (example: http://wdmycloud:9000), on the Advanced page, clear the Twonky cache and also try selecting rebuild database.