Disk Format Issue

On my previous computer, a microsoft surface pro 3, my “my passport slim”  would show all of my files and folders. 

I switched to an IBM Thinkpad a few weeks ago. And as soon as I plug my passport into the usb port I was prompted with:

 “You need to format the disk before you can use it…”

I clicked OK and followed the process to format the drive… soon after I clicked “Start” to begin the formatting process I was prompted with some text that read:

“Formatting will erase all the data on this disk…”

I do not want to erase all the data on my passport but I am unsure of how I can get my new computer to recognize my passport without doing so?

Any advice or help would be appreciated? Is there a way I can get all of my previous data to show? Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the WD Community.

Have you tried using the drive on a different computer? If possible, try using it on a desktop computer.

If stills the same, try using a data recovery software to see if you can get the data out of the drive.