Difference between WD Purple Pro and WD Gold?

Given the WD Purple Pro lineup now has a 5-year Warranty in line with the WD Gold, I’m trying to figure out what’s different between them.

Looking at both spec sheets and comparing what I can, most comparisons are the same capacity-to-capacity.

Only differences I can spot are:

  1. WD Gold comes in a 20TB capacity, Purple Pro maximum 18TB

  2. Acoustics: Hard to really tell because both spec sheets list them as “Average”
    The 12TB Purple Pro seems to win with 20 dBa idle, and 29 dBa seek.

All the golds 12TB and above seem to be 20 idle, 36 seek average. 10TB Purple Pro seems to have loudest acoustics.

Once again, all points for #2 come down to WD Listing these as “average” and not possibly not accurate at all.

  1. WD Purple Pro 14TB has 512mb Cache, 14TB WD Gold has 256MB Cache

This being said; do I go with a Purple Pro or Gold for a surveillance system? Does it depend on Size? Is Purple Pro technology newer than Gold?

Hi @shockhawk,

Please be informed that WD Purple Pro is suitable for surveillance and WD Gold is preferred for enterprise environments.

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