WD AV-GP vs. Purple - 2TB - What's the Diff

Could someone explain the technical differences between WD Purple and assuming discontinued WD AV-GP?

I have an eSata enclosure that I use for my cable box PVR, I’d like to upgrade the drive and get the best drive for this purpose, 2TB or larger. I know AV-GP was meant exactly for this purpose, but seems to be discontinued (some old stock remain), but newer Purple is for surveillance mostly, which is primarily write, while PVR is probably equal write/read? Not sure…

Could someone explain the differences if any? I can find AV-GP at a lower cost and if that has all the features of Purple and better firmware for PVR, would like to go with it!

Hello alexb76,

WD Surveillance hard drive launched after the launch of WD AV hard drive. As both were built for 24/7 operation. We have not tried WD Purple hard drive with PVR but you may try to check PVR for this drive. You may refer below link to know more about the WD Purple drives.


However, you may also contact your PVR developer for the supported drive

Thanks, but WHY no PVR use has been stated in the product info? Also, WHAT is the actual technical differences? Like firmware, speed, cache, noise, etc…

Hello alexb76,

You can refer below link to know about the technical features of WD AV hard drives.


Thanks but that’s not the one. The one was AV-GP which is as large as 4TB.

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