Detailed problem with WD Green (WD10EARS-003BB1)


I am trying to get data off a broken hard drive.
Error description: it does not do anything anymore. No sound when powered up. No recognition in my computer (I use a USB to SATA adapter). The circuit board at the back of the harddrive smells burned.
Details of the drive;
S/N: WCAV5K052107
Date: 06 NOV 2010
DCX: 50103KSB2
See following pictures of the drive and the circuitboard;

What I have done so far;
I have purchased another circuit board, which I guess is not completely similar. Since when replacing the board the hard drive still does not function. However with the new circuit board the harddrive does make a sound when powered up. You can hear it starting to rotate, then when it tries to read anything it ‘ticks’ a couple of times and stops rotating. Still no recognition in my computer about the drive.
This is a picture of the newly purchased circuitboard:

Can anyone advise what I can do next to retrieve the data on the harddrive?

Your help is much appreciated.

regards, Willem

Picture of the harddrive:

Front side of the broken circuit board:

Anybody any idea what the next best action can be?