WD 1TB Green .. gone dead

Last night my HDD was working fine and i switched off my PC … In the morning when i switched my PC on, i was shocked to see that my HDD was dead, BIOS wasn’t detecting the drive and the disk was not spinning.

I have no prior knowledge about these HDD so after spending some time on google, i came to a conclusion that my circuit board is probably dead… or broken …

There is nothing like the HDD falling down, or crashed or anything like that, it was just working fine…

I am a student of Animation so the date in there is very important, the HDD is still in warranty but i need my data more than i need that HDD.

So any help on this matter is much appreciated.

Thank you all … 

Well mate,

Sorry to hear that. Seems to me you will need a data recovery company.

Hey, don’t panic yet. If the board is at fault - its not much of an issue.

Find a T8 torx screw driver, and remove the bolts holding PCB.

Snap a clear picture of board, the side that has all the components on it. Do you have a millimeter? Know how to use one? That would be much help.

Post up the pics and send me pm to remind, I will try and help you fix this issue.

Thank you guys for the reply,But

I think its worst than i expected …

Last night i just put my HDD back in the cabinet to see if it works … and bang it started spinning… I copied all my data and started working…

The next morning when i woke up and started the PC , the same problem started again … the HDD Disk not spinning.

That’s too weired, anyone with a possible solution or a Hint wats going on here .

Congrats on recovering your data. My advice do not replace caviar green they are unreliable. Mine is somewhat died to the read and write speeds of the drive have slowed right down to 1 Megabyte per sec causing access and transfer times to take 80x more than expected. Streaming music of the drive is a no no it just sounds slowed down. I managed to transfer all my files accept video (Which I already have in a back up file)  it took 96hrs to transfer couple hundred gig

thats something you dont hear everyday :slight_smile: congrats