Deleting and organizing photos in auto camera backup folder

I set up my mobile app to auto backup all my photos to a My Cloud Home Duo. What I have done in the past (with a my cloud - old app and website) is use the backup folder as a staging area. Every few months I go through that folder and move photos out of it to other folders to better organize everything by year and event. This is also helpful because I have two backup folders on the My Cloud Home - one for my phone and another for my wife’s phone so this allows us to put photos that are from the same event together in the same folder.

When I first activated the app to backup my photos, it grabbed all of the photos on my phone, as I expected, as put them in the backup folder on the My Cloud Home. From my desktop, I then deleted quite a few of the photos from previous years because I already have them organized in a separate folder. The next day I noticed that the app had re added those deleted photos to the backup folder.

Is there a way I can move/delete photos from the camera auto backup folder without the app just adding them back in again? I suppose I could delete them off my phone when I move them, but this is an extra step to take and I don’t have a space issue on my phone right now so I would rather keep them on the phone.

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Please be informed that The app uploads all the photos and videos present in your camera roll to a folder named “Camera Roll Backup”. So if you delete the photos from the device, My Cloud Home App will again backup those.

So is there any way to organize the “Camera Roll Backup” folder, or is the only solution to delete the photos from the phone first?

@thomasjnbus (or anyone) did you find a solution to organize files in the backup folder?

No, I never found a solution. I tried to contact WD a few different times and have searched online for a solution, but couldn’t find anything. I have resorted to deleting the pictures from my phone and my wife’s phone 1 month at a time, then organizing them on the my cloud duo.