Deleted files

I see that when I delete files (photos, mostly) from my hard drive, they show up on the WD external drive with a line through them. Do these deleted files stay there forever and also, are they taking up space on the drive? Do they have any weight? i.e. 5 kb or whatever? Thanks in advance. 

Hello, smartware wont delete any of the files in the backup and they will keep occupying space. 

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Thx for answer - I think that is a real downside to this software. If you don’t wish to keep old files, either on your desktop hard drive or your backup drive, you should be able to dump them. This software seems to back everything up. I download audio books and I discovered that there were tons of them backed up. I was able to remove them from the drive (I recovered 5 GB of space) so I guess that worked. Maybe I should set the drive up to specifically back only certain folders - would that eliminate all of this problem? Thanks again.