Data restore

i have been using my book for back-up. I had to reinstall windows and now after I installed the wd software i only see the backup files as additional data with no option to restore. It is not doing it is self as i was expecting. How to make it copy all the files back to my PC like it was before i reinstall the windows. Help please

Hi there, you’ll need to reload the backup in order to restore it.

This will sound odd but go to the backup tab and start a backup and let it finish, after it is completed then go to the retrieve tab and select the old backup from the volumes (It will not show up until the new abckup is completed).

If the old volume can’t be selected, then at least the files will be put in a folder called “smartware.swstor” inside your drive that you can copy and paste out to the place you would like it to be.

Hope it helps.

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Ty for your response.

I did the first part but after the back up i still see the files as additional files with no option to select it. under the retrieve nothing.

I guess i have to do it copy and paste.

It just does not make sense why it would not do it it self. 

Not a good choice of hard drive for back up.


It’s not the hard drive; it’s the software :slight_smile:

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