Data Recovery

My computer crashed and I bought a new one.  I am trying to retrieve my data from my WD backup drive.  I can’t find the disc or software that came with my backup drive to load on my new computer.  How can I tell which WD external hard drive I have.  The model # is on the back of the drive, but it doesn’t tell me if its a “MY Book” or “Essentials”.  Where can I download the software to install on my new computer?  My WD drive model # is wdbaaf0015hbk-00.

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The drive you have is a “My Book” drive and it came with a backup software called WD Smartware. You may download this software from the link below:

You may also locate your backup files on the backup folder.

Go to “computer”, then go to the external drive and here you will find a folder called “WDSmartware.swstor”. Here you will find all the files that you have backed up using WD Smartware.

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You may also have to enable Show Hidden Files to find it.


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