Knowledge Base Answer ID 7

I erased my My Book for Mac external hard drive and the instructions say to “restore the WD software and disk image on your drive.” but I was unable to access the instructions linked:

Restoring the WD Software and Disk Image

In addition to deleting all of the data on your drive, erasing the drive also deletes the WD software and all of the support files, utilities, and user manual files.

If you ever need to remove and reinstall the WD software on your computer, or move the drive to another computer and install the software there, you will need to restore the WD software and disk image on your drive. To do this, after you have erased the drive, see Knowledge Base Answer ID 7 at 1.

Is there a way to access Knowledge Base Answer ID ? If not, will I be to use the device without restoring the software and disk image?

thanks for any assistance, I have limited knowledge and I am unsure of what is being asked of me in this situation.

Yes, you can search Knowledge Base Article 7 from

As My Book for Mac is an external plug n play device and not require additional tool or software. You can store data files by drag network drop in it. However, you can use below link to get additional software or tools for My Book for Mac drive:

How does one actually access “Knowledge Base answer ID 7”? A search on that term yields pages asking how to get to that mysterious article. IN other words, the suggestion solution to go to the support site and search for ID 7 is bogus. Can you provide a direct link to that article?