Dantz Retrospect Express Download for PC

I have a usp external dual action HDD.  Dantz Retrospect Express was bundled with it.  I have recently upgraded to a new Windows 7 PC and cannot use the Retrospect as Windows OS says that there are incompatable drivers, and that I should get an updated copy.  I’ve spent a little more than 3 hours looking for an updated version I can download with no luck.  Can someone tell me where on this web site I can find it to download?

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WD doesn’t have the update because they stopped using that software long before W7 was released. Check Roxio’s website since they are the new owners of Retrospect.

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Dude that’s way old…you will need to contact Retrospect for that.


What backup software is being sold with the External USB Hard drive Dual operation Backup these days? Is there some way to get a free download of the software?  I’ve also been looking for the Dantz Retrospect software download because I lost the original disc and I’m not sure what else is available.  I have a couple of back up files named Retrospect and Retrospect backup but neither opens or has the Retrospect program in it.   I checked the Retrospect site but the only free downloads are for 30 day trials.  I don’t want to buy something if I can get it for free.  Right?  Any suggestions? 

I have exact same problem (needing Retrospect software for old 80gig WD external HD)  Did you ever get the software?  Were you able to buy it somewhere?  Please let me know

As suggested above is best to go to  http://www.retrospect.com/

Thanks, Wizer!  I actually found the original disk and loaded the software.  HOWEVER, I was disappointed in that it only permitted a complete backup NOT an incremental one.  With only an 80gig drive, I would run out of space in just a few days.  I eventually used the Windows Backup Utility which does it all nicely.