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The invoicing program we use crashed and we lost all the files within the program.

We did make backups using the Dantz Retrospect Express backup software, and i can locate the Backup Sets.

I would like to be able to save the files of a Backup Set on a stick or sd card and be able to access them with

something other than Notepad.

Any ideas appreciated.


See if this link will help.

How to restore data after performing a backup with Retrospect Express 5.1, 6.0, 6.5 or 7.5 on a PC or Mac

I’m not interested in restoring files,more being able to open a Retrospect Disk Backup Set(s) that has been 

copied to a memory stick.

I just noticed today however that none of my Retrospect Disk Backup Set(s) show a file extension. So any

information concerning that would be helpful.

Perhaps i’m heading in the wrong direction with this,i don’t know. That is why i started the post, hoping that

someone could get me headed in the right direction.


Western Digital / Dantz Retrospect Express Backup is not a business / user friendly product to say the least.

After spending hours / days trying to figure out a way to save the files i needed to a usb device and then be

able to open those specific files was for me impossible. 

To go through the whole procedure of “Retrieve Files & Folders”, place the information on a usb stick,delete all

the unwanted files and save the needed files, 3 days.

Maybe it is time to look for a better thought-out backup system.