Cyclic Redundancy check issue

i have a problem with my external hard it can’t show in the computer.I would go in disck managment where i found the hard drive is unallocated and not initialize and while i am doing initializing there is an error called ( cyclic redundacy check ) and i don’t know how to solve this.

Hi kaali,

You can follow the steps given below to fix the issue with the hard drive.

-To solve CRC error, you must repair the hard drive by running CHKDSK utility via command prompt. CHKDSK checks the integrity of your hard drive and fixes logical file system errors, bad sectors & file system metadata. You can run CHKDSK by following these steps:

  • Connect the storage device to your PC.

  • Press ‘ Windows+Q ’ and type CMD in the search bar.

  • Right-click on the ‘ Command Prompt ’ and select ‘ Run as Administrator ’.

  • A command prompt window appears. Type chkdsk X: /f where X is the hard drive or any other media storage device letter connected to your system. Alternatively, you can type chkdsk X: /F /X /R for the rigorous scanning and repairing.

  • Hit the ‘Enter’ button and wait until ‘ chkdsk ’ utility repairs the disk errors.

After CHKDSK completes error checking, re-connect storage media to the system and then try to access it from File Explorer. If you are able to access the data without any error; immediately copy data from it to a safe location on your system and format the hard drive or any other storage media via Disk Management tool.

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Thanks you.

Same here, just bought a new one today and transferred some photos and videos from my laptop to it. I noticed that some of the files cannot be transferred as it says it can’t be read from the location. so I removed the HD and restarted the laptop. but when I connected it back it gave me that CRC issue.
Running chkdsk now and it is giving a lot of File record segment XXX is unreadable. Is it still safe to use the HD after the chkdsk?

Hi Kaali,

Now i have the exact same problem, were you able to retrieve your data in this way? Is the problem solved? Because I have very important data for me and I don’t want to lose it.

Thanks in advance