WD my passport is not shown on my pc

I recently bought my passport 2TB external hard disk which was worked fine for week but unfortunately stop copying files today. I disconnect and reconnected it then it is not shown but i heard the detecting sound only…Then i tried with disk management to format my drive. That also not possible in my case. A pop up came up and shows cyclic redundancy vheck error. Help me.


Please know, CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) errors are usually transient events that occur when the SATA cable receives electrical noise. The electrical noise can come from the internal components of the computer system and is mostly temporary. The high transmission speed of SATA is prone to these electrical disturbances , which can cause errors in data transmission through the cable.

Another possible cause of CRC errors is bad cable connections. This may be because a connector is not properly connected to the drive or motherboard. Connection problems within the cable can also cause these errors.

For solution follow this-

The SATA protocol and debugging mechanisms in the SATA driver are designed to handle CRC errors. CRC errors are detected in the SATA hardware protocol and reported to the driver. At the SATA driver level, the error reported by the SATA hardware is usually handled by re-transmitting or retrieving the data to or from the drive.

CRC errors are quite rare and should not be a concern since they are handled by hardware and drivers. If the CRC errors occur more frequently, you can unplug the SATA cable, plug it back in and make sure the cable connectors are properly connected to the drive and motherboard. If the error persists, you may need a new SATA cable.

If you can not resolve the issue; I would recommend contact WD Support