Copying files to MBL from an old MBL Using FTP


Ive been following this post here

I have a 2TB MBL and wish to FTP my files across to a new 3TB version. The directory structure of my 2TB is

public/shared videos/movies

and wish to use WGET command to move to my new 3tb MBL here public/movies

What command do i use in WINSCP?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

WinSCP is a client for windows, in this case you want to avoid all data going thru the PC I assume. So you have to go from MBL to MBL. The best way might be on the command line with FTP commands, or rsync. Other options is if you have SSH enable, you should be able to do a SCP/SFTP from the command line as well.

Some basic Linux knowledge would come handy for the options mentioned though

I prefer to just enable SSH on the “destination” box, mount the “source” box as an NFS share, and then just do

cp -R *

from the command line.

Thanks for the replies

im using WinSCP for FTP and logged in as my “new” box.

I can navigate with the other pane to view all my files on my “old” box but transferring this way takes days…

Is there any command i can use?

yes, we already answered that question, read the replies carefuly (MBL = mybooklive).

But let me try again…

If you use WinSCP, it will copy files in the following order:

old-my-book-live to PC-with-Winscp to new-my-boolive.

You  are better off, IF IF IF you have the PC/Linux skills to copy directly from

old-my-book-live to to new-my-boolive.