Copy Folders in iOS wont work

I am connected to my passport wireless pro with my iPad (iOS 14.5.1) over wifi and I am using the newest version of the my cloud os 3 app.

I am trying to copy some folders which are stored locally on my iPad to my passport wireless pro with the files app but this seems impossible.

I tried to share them to the my cloud app but this created an empty file that has the name of the folder which I can not delete.
Copying the files, opening the my cloud folder through the files app and pasting them leads to a copying process which is interrupted by an error message that the app is not reachable. As a result I have only parts of the folders content copied.

It seems that it is impossible to copy folders from my ipad to the wireless passport pro using wifi. I wanted to backup my ipad to the drive over wifi but after 3 hours I did not manage to copy one folder completely.

Is it true that it is impossible to mark all my folders and copy them to the drive via wifi? I am talking of around 20 folders with a couple of 100 pdf which have a total size of a little more than 1GB. I can’t believe that my case is so unique because I could not find any information regarding it and it seems crazy that this product can not do this simple task.

After duplicating the root folder of the project, open the podfile of the duplicated project:


then comment all the previously added pods by adding “#”: Commented Pods

hit CTRL + S in order to save the changes

Open the terminal and change the directory to the folder of the duplicated project and then perform: “pod install”. Yes it will delete all the pods but don’t worry we will install again in the next step

Pods deletion

Open again podfile and uncomment the previously commented pods:

Uncommented pods

hit CTRL + S to save the changes

Open the terminal and change the directory to the folder of the duplicated project and then perform “pod install”. it will install again all the pods:

Pods installation

Finally, run the Project and it should run without any problem.

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately I do not understand how your response is related to my issue. I do not have a duplicated project, I am not aware that I have a podfile, I am using an iPad with iOS so there is no terminal.

I have an issue that I cant copy folders to my wireless pro drive over wifi on my ipad. How would your solution solve this?