Convert iPad in photo frame; on what URL can I locate my WDMyCloud?

Situation: I have an old iPad that i want to convert into a dynamic photo frame.
I run the 4TB MyCloud device, with OS5.

Unfortunately, the My Cloud App seems to provide foto viewing, but has no slideshow functionality (is that correct??)

The App Pixette provides customizable slideshows from servers.
What please is the correct URL to enter below?
Does anyone have an alternative solution to achieve objective?
(Yes, i have tried many routes before posting for help :slightly_smiling_face:)


Have you checked the properties for the folder/file you want to use? See example image below.

Have you looked at to see what you may be able to do to get a link to the images you want to use?

Pixette appears to use WebDAV to connect to a NAS. Because you are using OS5 you will need to access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network > Network Services section to see if you have the WebDAV Service option and a slider to enable or disable it. If WebDAV Service is present then move the slider to the On position to enable that feature. Its possible the WebDAV Service is only available on certain higher end My Cloud devices.

If WebDAV Service is not present or available then you may have to find some other iOS app that allows for SMB (Samba) or DLNA or even FTP access to the My Cloud.

Thanks. Yes I have tried this. In my case it looks slightly different. I have allocated Network drives for my system. Giving the following results:


Thanks. It seems WebDAV is not available from settings. I did read somewhere about a configuration setting to enable WebDAV. Or is this incorrect, and OS5 just does not have WebDAV?

My WDMYCLOUD is connected to my Network. See image below. It shows my shares under my device.


WebDAV is indicated in one of the screen captures used in the OS5 user manual.
As previously indicated its possible that feature is only available on certain My Cloud models. The following WD Knowledgebase article indicates WebDAV is not supported on the single bay/single drive My Cloud models: My Cloud: Differences Between Models

Do you own an iPad, and can you access the MyCloud files and folders from it?