Backup camera images to mycloud without a computer

I’m thinking of buying a My Cloud, but I first need to know if it’s possible to handle it without a computer at all (if needed the inital setup can be done using a computer, but after that it’s mobile device only). What I do have is an iPhone and an iPad (that I want to backup images/videos from) and I have a digital camera that I want to unload through USB. Either by connecting the camera through cable or use a USB card reader are both acceptable solutions. 

I’ve tried to find information about this scenario but no real luck. Connecting a camera is mentioned in the manual and in some of the ads, but nothing about how you can work with it.

Can anyone here help out? 

You cannot connect a camera to the NAS directly. You can send pictures taken by your iPhone or iPad camera to the NAS directly from the iPhone/iPad.

It might be possible to put the card reader in a USB adpater, and then the NAS might see it. But USB handling by the NAS is iffy and not UPnP. So you have to use the NAS UI to eject the card everytime (which you can do through the browser when you are on the local network), and this is not very convenient.

If the NAS can see your card in the USB, then you can copy the pictures using an app like WDMyCloud. Not very convenient either.

You will find it easier to copy the images from your camera to the NAS using your PC.

Thank you very much for the answer Etupes!

I was afraid of that, it would have been very nice if it worked. The problem is that the whole idea is to not need a PC so it looks like My Cloud won’t be the solution to my problem :-(. We’ll see, perhaps there won’t be a way to avoid a PC and then My Cloud might still be a viable solution for storage.

(I have not tried it yet - just installed my WDCloud y/day)
You should be able to connect you SD card to your iPad via the SD Card adapter - pull images into iPad and add the images to your WDC via the WD App.

Hi. You need the WD app on your device and the settings allow you to upload automatically always or ONLY on wifi. The uploaded images or videos will go into the public folder under your email address and then in a sub folder with month/year.  There’s no control for the upload location but at least all you have to do is move them once they’re uploaded.  I don’t think the app works for uploading screen shots or downloaded images to your device/phone the way drop box does.