Connecting my passport with Philips blu ray player HELP!

I recently purchased a my passport 1tb portable Drive for the primary purpose of using it with a Philip blu ray/dvd player. My old WD 500gb external drive connects to the blu ray player and items on that drive were viewable, but the files disappear after a short time. So, i purchased the my passport. But, it the dvd player will not read it. The dvd player is a Model number BDP2900/F7. I’m not sure what i need to to do. PLEASE HELP

Your DVD player needs to support USB 3.0 devices; they require more power than USB 2.0 hard drives.

On the other hand, if this is the new WD My Passport then you may need to format it since few DVD’s support the unit’s exFAT file system, which is for computer use.