Connecting my book live to Xbox one

Hi guys I have just bought a my book live 3tb to use as an external hard drive for my Xbox one x but noticed there is no usb port in this model so how do I connect it to my Xbox to save my games to it ect ?
Thanks in advance

(Really hope it is possible)

I think, and I’m pretty sure, you can’t. It’s NAS device. Unless you can find a way to install games on a network device. Then you’d need to set up the MBL on your network first.

1 Option if you can’t find some way to do that, pull the drive out of the MBL and put it in a USB box, remove all partitions, format it then connect it to the xbox. Probably be a better move to sell it and just get an external drive.

Only possible if you shuck it and put it in a USB enclosure

The My Book Live only has an Ethernet Port and does not have a USB port which is required for using with an Xbox One.