Connect wd live hub with wd live tv only with ethernet cable

I am extremly happy with my Wd live hub over the past 2 years.

Ty Wd for that. Now wanting to expand my network to another floor, I want to ask a very simple question:

Is it possible to connect the WD Live HUb to a WD LIve TV which I itend to buy,  ONLY with an ethernet  cable  BETWEEN them? By saying only I mean  with a direct cable connection to eachother wihtout the use  of any router.

WIll my WD live Hub be able to recognize my The Network share folder?

Will my WD Live TV player be able to recognize my WD LIVE HUB and the files i have stored inside them? Will it be able to play them?

Please I want a clear answer yes or no, and explanation if its possible. Do not redirect me to any other post. I could not find a straight clear answer for this question I have. And i must know before I buy the WD live tv player

Thank you in advance.

Dunno why you would want to do this but:


I have a WDTV Live Hub

I have a WDTV Live Plus


I connected both of them via a single cat5 cable no network, no router. Both are assigned static IPs on my network when they are attached to the network. I made NO changes to the settings on either device.


The Live Plus saw the Hub as both a media server and as a network share.

The Live Plus played several movies from the Hub’s internal drive both from the DLNA server (Twonky) and from it as a network share.


The Hub see’s the Live Plus as a network share and IF i had connected a source of media to the USB port it most likely it would have been seen and worked.


YES is your answer

Flhthemi, thank you for your perfect answer.

The network  setup in my home is a bit weird…thats why i was asking…

Thank you.:smiley: