Chromecast and WD My Cloud

I don’t know how many of you own a Chromecast, but I just wanted to let everyone know, you can now cast content from the My Cloud using an app called aVia. I was really excited when I heard this so I thought I’d share the good news.

Yeah, and you can with Plex now too.

If you have a PlexPass subscription. :confounded:

Now if only we could install PMS on the My Cloud.

Oh, geez. That’s the LAST thing I want around my household… Something else with PMS!!!

From what I’ve read on Plex for Cromecast needing a Plex pass is only while its in Beta. Then it will become available to all plex users? Hope so!! On that note does anyone know if you can stream from plex to Cromecast or to smart TV(samsung 5500) with a plex app installed for that matter and pull movies from WD my cloud through Plex???

Yes, everyone is supposed to be able to use Plex at some point, regardless of having Plex Pass.  But they are not saying when that will be, all that they have said is that it will not be years, other then that though no one knows when it will be availble for eveyone to use.

As to your question, if you have Plex Pass (for Chromecast) you are supposed to be able too, but I believe that you will still need to do so via you PC.  For your TV I don’t know, but if it allows installing the Plex app directly on your TV then you should be able to.  If you’re not sure, then you could ask on the Plex forum to see if anyone knows if you can stream directly from a NAS to you specific TV model.

I know that you still need the plex server running. guess I was meaning to ask if the plex media server sees the my cloud ok and is able to serve up video that is stored on it?

Has anyone tried to install the plex server on mycloud?

You can’t install the Plex server on the My Cloud.

But you may not have to run the sever if the Plex app will connect via DLNA, SMB or NFS, it depends on the app.  I’m not as fimiliar with Plex as I am with XBMC (which Plex is based off of) and less fimiliar with the app, which may be different than the regular Plex that you can run on a PC.

Like I said, it is a question that is best asked in the Plex forum since all you need to know is if you can play media directly from a NAS using the app.  If it will connect to a DLNA server, then Twonky which is apart of the My Cloud may suffice as long as your TV can decode your media type natively over DLNA.