Can't upgrade firmware from 2.1.3 to newest version on WDA4NC40000N

Currently running 2.1.3 with MioNet on a WDA4NC40000N and trying to upgrade the firmware. I I currently have it behind a Juniper firewall. I read about the firewall issue so I setup a NAT to it and allowed full access in and out but still can’t download the firmware.

When I check for an update it finds it, when I click download it just goes back to the check for update button. I see that there is a manual upload option but I can’t find a download for the firmware and read that it is not available.

The drive is under warranty but I don’t get free technical support and don’t want to pay $20 to talk to technical support about this issue.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I know that you manually allowed the ports related to the Sharespace to be open, but what if you take the whole firewall down just for testing?