Can't resume dropbox syncronization

I installed the dropbox app but it only uploaded 14Gb from 200+Gb. The status show “sync paused”. If I hit the “sync now” button it briefly show a message “updating”, then “up to date”, then back to “sync paused”. This is clearly wrong as only 7% of the files were synced…

If i restart the NAS then it resumes uploading files to dropbox for a few minutes, then it pauses again.

I have a dropbox plus account that should be good for 1Tb.

My firmware version is 2.31.149

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I have the same problem.

Hola Paliak

Check the total
characters in the full path for each file, dropbox has a limit. If the path for
only one file is longer than the limit then the synchronization stops.



is there any tool to check files and find which file is wrong ? Because there are 700gb data and I really dont know which are wrong :confused: THX a lot.

I used a homemade python
script to check the path length. So basically you are on your own, support from
DB and WD ■■■■■.

Also check for special

Also try synchronizing
one folder at a time, not all 700gb at once, so you can get a better idea which
files are causing trouble.