Can't delete folder

Hey there,
I recently got a MyCloud Mirror 6TB 2Gen and accidently chose the SmartWare folder for my backups via TimeMachine (i’m a MacUser). Unfortunately, I couldnt delete the backup folder and moved it to a different folder; still, I am unable to delete the folder but want to remove it… because it’s there and just shouldnt exist. Every time I hit the delete button it says that mycloud is unable to delete the folder (400018), that’s it. What am I supposed to do? Any advice? I don’t want to start all over again and set up the entire MyCloud from scratch…

Try logging into the dashboard of the MCM (point a web browser at it’s IP address to access it) and use the web fileview app under the apps tab to do the deletion.

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I had same issue with a folder I put in my shared folder. Funny, it was from a Mac that I manually put on there. What I did was,

  1. Went to the folder, then chose shares on top and removed shares.
  2. Manually went into each directory to I got to end file and started manually deleting each folder and file. This took time, but it worked. I finally deleted the whole folder!