MyCloud exUltra folder deleting

Dear all,
I purchased a Mycloud Ex2Ultra, and I found that there are two shares(Smartware) and (TimemachineBackups). Can i delete these two shares? or these are needed folders?


Note that there is a specific subforum for the EX2 Ultra where users more familiar with those devices are available to answer questions on that device. Generally this subforum (My Cloud) discussed a different device, the single bay single drive My Cloud units.



Smartware is WD’s free program for backing up Windows PC’s. One can download the Smartware application from the WD Support website. TimeMachine is Apple’s embedded backup program for Macintosh computers. For TimeMachine there is a TimeMachine option/setting in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section for controlling the size TimeMachine will use on the My Cloud for it’s backups.

Can you delete them if you never plan on using them? Probably. If the My Cloud OS won’t let you remove them through normal means then one may have to access the My Cloud OS through SSH or similar root level access methods to remove the Shares. This may involve additional editing of firmware files however. Or, one can just leave them be and ignore them until needed since they’re empty Shares anyway. One can always lock down access permissions to them via the Shares settings in the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares tab.