MyCloud Mirror - Unable to delete MacOSX files


I’d be grateful for any advice or suggestions from the community on the following issue. I run a WD 2TB MyCloud Mirror (2nd Gen). It is carrying the latest firmware 2.31.183 and is networked to my main desktop cpu which is an iMac running Mac OSX 10.13.6 (High Sierra).

The Mirror hosts a 600g Time Machine share, but has principally been used via a separate share for storage of still image and movie data. This data has been generated and managed by two Mac apps – Photos and iMovie. The problem is that I am unable to delete about 15 obsolete directories from the Mirror, due to persistent “directory in use’” errors. I have basic level unix skill but am no expert.

First, the Mac’s Disk Utility will not display the WD device or any of its shares, even when they are mounted and visible on the desktop. Why not?

Second, it appears that the two Mac apps in question both create invisible files in their various databases. I have identified their existence at unix level where they are listed as simply “.” and “…” All the standard unix commands, including rm -Rf have so far failed to delete them. There is no process running on the directories other than the Mac Finder. Has anyone any idea how these files can be removed so that I can move on?

Finally, I can see no WD utility which will allow me to partition the Mirror into discrete volumes. Apart from completely erasing and reformatting the entire drive, which will involve losing my Time Machine archive and starting from scratch, is there another solution?

Thanks for everyone’s time and feedback.