Can't check File Box in " File Backup" mode

When I click on the Check box in file backup mode it greys out but won’t check. I’ve un-installed 3 times and reformated drives two times. Cant seem to get it working. Help Please! 6tb My book live duo. Smartware version 2.3.0.

Just to make sure: you are on the Backup tab , in file backup mode, and you are unable to check one folder or one file ?

Yes that is correct. Im in the Backup Tab and when im in the file backup mode i cant select any Folders, sub foldes or files. When i switch back to catagorey mode i am able to select the boxes but as soom as i enable backup the checks disapear and it wont backup either.


In fact the check boxes are only available when working in the “file backup mode”. When working in the “category mode”, there is no such choices.  Could you double check ? (and maybe join a screen capture)


I ended up reinstalling Windows 7 and reinstalling Smartware 2.3.0. It is working fine now. I will update if or when the problem comes back as i reistall the rest of my programs. The VPN might be the problem.

Ok well i’ve managed to replicate the problem. Both times I did a factory reset and thats what triggers the issue. There is a fix though. Going into the C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Western_Digital_Technolog and delete the “user.config” file resets the settings allowing the check box to be checked.