Can't access wd2go after replace my old router

I can’t tolerate my old and slow DIR615 router, albeit works perfectly fine with MBL, into a gigabit dlink dir-656L. After setting up all necessary detail, I just find I could not access the file via WD2go on my iPhone. It just showed a message,
"Unable to connect the device
Authentication failed "

Did I make something wrong???

BTW, I have installed webaccess and transmission via fpkmgr.

Or shall I need to restore the firmware??

Go back and redo the remote settings on the MBL.

Chances are the IP forward settings are not on new router, unless you already added it manually. If you never did or have done it before even with the old router, just redo the remote settings as mentioned above.

I have tried but still failed.

I manually assigned static ip, assigned port and forward in router, as well as use different settings in MBL. They are still making me frustrated.

Finally, I searched in the forum and suggested me to turn off the upnp function in the router. It’s seem work now. But don’t know if the other functions of MBL would be affected consequently.

So frustrated and exhausted really.