Cant access shares

I have a 1t My Book Live. I am using it to set up a share server for my home network so I can keep my music and videos in the public for everyone to be able to access and then each person have their own share for their personal stuff. The problem I am running into is I can access all of the shares from the tower i set up the MBL on with no problem.  When I go to access a share from another computer on the network I can see them all but I am asked for a password. I type in the user name and the password i set up and it acts like it is incorrect. I then went in and removed all the password and made the shares public but i am still getting this password request. I can access the public with no problem from any computer.  I am using windows 8 computers.

I have tried to enter the password at this prompt and at sign in another user.

Any ideas?

You should connect the my book to a router and then use WDlink to map the public folder on all the PC. You can also try to disable password protected sharing. Check the link below.