Cant access my hard disc

It is taking really Too Long to detect the drive… and after that i cant access it… when i click on the folder computer freezes…

please help in this matter…

most likely based on drives coming in for recovery with same symptoms RELO list is full. RMA the drive. if there is data on there that you must have, find data recovery company.

Thanks for your valuable Reply!!!

but they say if i’ll go for Data Recovery… the Drives Warranty will get void… :frowning:

the RMA dont give the recovered data back in the replaced one???

The warranty will not be voided if you use a reputable data recovery firm.

WDC will not perform data recovery on RMA’d disks. If you send them a faulty drive with data on it, you will get a blank disk back.

It will cost about £300+ just RMA it and dont keep important files etc on any external drive get a Blue ray disk writer.

Whenever I buy an external drive, I get 2 of 'em. And the 2nd disk contains a duplicate of the first. A backup!

Consider the cost of the 2nd disk as insurance and data-recovery. Much much cheaper to keep backups than to have to deal with the hassle of running analysis utilities or frantically posting on web forums looking for a solution to a crashed disk. And a backup will pretty much guarantee you don’t lose years of irreplacable work! A backup means 2 distinct and physically separate copies of the material you wish to save.

Hey! Thanx a TON!

got the data recovered from a Data Recovery Firm… now will create RMA! I hope it will be hassel free! :slight_smile:

Thank You for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

Clever! Thnx for the suggestion!!! :slight_smile:

So Happy With the RMA service got my faulty Hard drive Replaced in a Month!!! Three Cheers to WD!!! :slight_smile:

So Happy With the RMA service got my faulty Hard drive Replaced in a Month!!! Three Cheers to WD!!! 

WD has always been pretty good with RMA’s …

Hey… Can i place cable of defective drive into the replacement box sent to wd… Please reply me fast

Ask Western Digital…