Data Recovery Under Warranty


I have an WD extrenal hard drive, i believe my hard drive has gone for a toss, and it was under warranty.
Does WD provide data recovery is such cases? If not. then how should I get my data.


I’m not a WD employee, just a user like yourself. But I can tell you that WD does not cover data recovery under warranty.

They do provide a list of recovery service providers you can use, though.

Dear Roy,
As your hard drive is under warranty, I suggest you ask it for replacement. Here I am sharing a link which can help you to locate nearest centre, also you can dial their customer support no. 1800-200-5789/ 1800-419-5591 for any help.

However, WD doesn’t provide the data recovery services. For data recovery, you have to contact the professional data recovery service which provides WD hard drive recovery. Before obtaining the data recovery you have to take permission from WD manufacturer, once you will get the permission you can submit the hard drive to data recovery experts for data recovery. After the recovery, they will provide you certificate informing that all data recovery operations have been done in a controlled environment, and there has been no further damage to the drive. If you can any query, please feel free to comment…

Hope you are satisfied with the answer.

Dear All,
I am also facing data loss issue with my WDmycloud NAS drive as i have lost all of my data and i am unable to retrieve all the data .
So anyone could help into this all advise for the data recovery support centers here in my region (Saudi arabia)

I mistakenly deleted my favorite pics from my hard drive.

Yes, most professional data recovery software comes with a guarantee. If your external hard drive is still under warranty and the data loss was caused by a covered fault, you can contact their customer care to learn more about their data recovery services. However, if the data loss is not covered by the warranty, or if you prefer, you can consider third-party data recovery services that specialize in restoring data from malfunctioning or damaged storage devices. Whichever option you choose, it is crucial to take immediate action to prevent further data loss and ensure that you have a backup copy of any recovered data.

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