Can't access external hard drive

So when I plug my Mybook external existential hard drive into my iMac it does want to show up anymore. The WD Smartware icon appears but every time I try to unlock it the driveunlock. Al it does is automaticly closes and says there is an error? Then I try to reopen it and it just does the same thing over and over?

Also it still shows up and work perfectly fine on my Macbook Pro…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there, the only thing I can think of here is that the app to unlock the drive is being killed off in the process on the iMac. Since you can unlock the drive on the Macbook Pro then what if you permanently remove the password under settings> drive settings (setup drive)> security?

That will be a workaround to at least use the drive on the iMac until you find out what kills the unlocker app.

It worked! thanks for the help - simple but easy fix