Can't access anything since OS 5 upgrade


Yesterday (about 10 hours ago), I upgraded my PR4100 to OS 5 after a long wait (for obvious reasons as can be seen in this forum).

In the dashboard (admin panel) I watched the upgrade process until it got completed (after 1-2 minutes). Then, I watched my machine rebooting and start working as always - no special message on LCD screen, no high RPM for fans and no blinking blue indicators.
The thing is, since upgrade, I can’t access anything on my NAS: not the dashboard, not the network files through my PC, not Docker and not even SSH.

I opened a support ticket with WD and the guy told me to wait a couple of hours since it is indexing all my 4TB data. However, since the machine doesn’t seem to work heavily and I don’t see any indication of indexing (by LCD or by accessing dashboard) I really doubt it. What the hell is going on here? I didn’t reboot my machine and I’m afraid to do so, but something doesn’t seem right…

Also, I checked the LCD screen again and one of the flipping messages there is “System is in standby mode”, which I don’t recall seeing before on OS 3.

Anyway, what do I do?

Update for those who have the same issue or for those who are about to upgrade:

After about 12 hours, I got access to all access points including files and Dashboard. However, you should know that all apps are gone (also their files through SSH) - even the default WD apps, and more indexing is needed for all files you select for share. You can also skip that but the files won’t be available through My Cloud OS5 app.

Create backups to all files and app configs before upgrade and stay patient!

Now I have to figure out how to install Docker again so it will automatically update itself…