Cannot Connect To The Server

Good Evening Everyone,

So I finally have restored my 2 DX4000 units to factory defaults and am trying to connect to them. I have already gone through the setup and assigned them names. They have picked up IP addresses and I can see them on my network.

When I download and run the computer connector software I get this error from both units:

I have restarted both my pc (win 8.1 pro 64bit) and the 2 DX4000’s.

Any thoughts?

5.  Another installation is already in progress.  (This can also be triggered by a pending files issue in the registry.  Click on start, run, regedit and review the registry key at HKey Local Machine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\PendingFileRenameOperations.  If there are files listed there, export the reg key and then delete it.  Reboot and try again.)
6.  You already installed the connector software before and forgot to remove it.  (Uninstall the old connector software).

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I followed #5 and there was no “PendingFileRenameOperations” in the path you listed. There is a FileRenameOperations but it was empty.

As for #6 I checked and there was no previously installed connector software

I ran some updates and tried again, this time I get to the screen where I am prompted for the password. Once I enter the password it immediately gives me this error:


This happens when trying to connect to either DX 4000. I checked my .NET version and it’s up to 4.5.1.

well I cant see this image for some reason.  While I figure that out can you check thye date on teh dx servers?

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Are you looking for a manufacturing date or the system date/time?

I can’t get the connector software to work so I am not sure if I can get the system Date/Time


System date on the server.  You should be able to rdp/mstsc to the server desktop.

Though now that I can see your image I see a problem.  Look again at what it says ???

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Server 2012 essentials?

To my knowledge those boxes have never been upgraded (I’ve only been here about 15months), when I inquired about them no one here knew much about them.

I can connect via RDP/mstsc but it keeps telling me I have an invalid username/password.

Thank you for all of your help, this thing is infuriating so far.


And yes, I can use these same credentials to login to other workstations/servers on our network.

Yes the server 2012 R2 Essentials.  Is/was your 8.1 box connected to a 2012R box at some point in its life?  There is no upgrade from 2008R2 so I do not think the DX’s actually have 2012R2 on them

The MSTSC login will only take administrator and the password you gave it when you ran setup.

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We did in the last year upgrade our servers from 2003 to 2012r2.

I was able to login to the at least one of the Sentinels so far using the password selected during setup and administrator.

Thank you for all your help thus far, you’ve been invaluable.


These servers would not have been upgraded to 2012R2 Essentials.  But if you have 2012R2 essentials on your network and it is doing backups you do not need to run the connector from a DX.

There should be a dashboard icon on the desktop you are remoted to or from computer properties you should be able to tell what version the server OS is.

If you have 2012R2 essentials as I suspect, then you can join the DX(s) to the domain using the wizard from the dashboard easily if you have less than 25 users and just use the DX for storage…

BTW, you are welcome :)  Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress.

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So far so good, been able to access both units and begin updating them.

Both units updated and begining to figure out how to use them for the intended purpose.

I want to use them to back up our on-site servers. I added both units to the domain but I can’t see the other servers or computers on our domain on the dashboard under Computers And Backup.

I am assuming this is due to the fact the connector software isn’t installed on the other devices I want to backup?

Correct, the connector must be installed before computers show in the dashboard.  While you can install the conector on servers it will not allow you to back them up (I think, it has been a while since I tried servers)  :(

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I guess I will just need to use something like Windows Server Backup tool or this new free offering from Veeam:

You need to make an ISCI target on the DX for Windows Server Backup.  That way it will see it as a local drive and you can get a calendar to restore from.  You can use WSB to backup to a share, but it is a full backup each time draging the entire hard disc across the wire each time, and it overwrites itself, so no calendar.

Veeam makes great stuff I hear for VM’s.  I downloaded a demo once and they called me so many times I never even tried it.

WSSE can backup servers technicaly, but MS does not support server backup because they cannot guarantee that 3rd party  programs properly get backed up.  Windows Server Backup has VSS writers for MS stuff like exchange and Hyper_V, but not say Quickbooks or MySQL

Ah, okay.

Yeah we don’t have anything major hosted in house anymore. Just AD, DNS, DHCP, File and print.

Everything else went to Office 365 and hosted from our software vendors.

I have heard the same thing about Veeam, that’s why when I saw they had a free version for onsite local backups I thought it would be worth a look.

Not to try to talk you out of Veeam, but it says beta.  I would not use it as my only backup ?

The ISCSI solution is fairly simple.  Only oddity is doing a full BMR as the windows recovery enviroment does not support ISCSI.  You have to map the drive and share it on the server itself or another PC, then the recovery wizard can see network shares.  (Or copy the Windows Server Backup folder from the ISCSI target to a USB drive)

Yeah, we are currently using our barracuda unit for backups. It looks pretty solid thus far but is indeed still in beta. New releases are still coming out and are forewarned with “may not be compatible with RC”.